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eRider Online Motorcycle Training Course



Lee Parks, Total Control Training, Inc.

Executive Producer
Pat Hahn

Curriculum Writer
Lee Parks, Dave Saam, Pat Hahn, Tom Mehren

Curriculum Editor
Pat Hahn and Bob Reichenberg

Curriculum Consultants
Stacey Axmaker, Steve Garets, Tom Mehren, Ray Pierce

Instructional Designer
Pat Hahn and David Kertzner

Web Development
Affinity Web Development / A-VIBE

Video Production
Gustin Creative Group and Team Oregon

Sound Production
Harlan Hogan and Rex Post

Video and Sound Editor
Randel Moore and Ed Williams

Harlan Hogan, Frank LeClair, Ryan Menard, Rudy Venturi

Al and Carol Ault, Dan Bateman, Dan Batz, Nadine Bauthamy Deanna Bodhi, Ed Burns, Bob Cowgill, Stephen Cowling, Joel Crawford, Steve Garets, Jeff Gustin, Therese Gustin, Pat Hahn, Garry Harbeck, Dusti Johnson, Will Johnson, Michael Karr, Brad Lawrie (and the group ride gang), Scott Lorimor, Jeff Magar, Michael McDonald, Aria Minu-Sepehr, Damion Moyer, Ray and Riley Pierce, Brianna Robbins, Heather Turner and Lauren Young.

All riders and drivers used scripts provided by Total Control Training, Inc. and Team Oregon.

Support and Logistics
Many thanks to Beaverton Motorcycles, Cascade Motor Classics, Cycle Gear, Da Boyz Market, Fred’s Honda, ICON Motosports,, ODOT Transportation Safety Division, Oregon State Police and Rider Wearhouse for their support. Other contributors include Ron Augustonovich, Carol Haertlein, Stuart Holmes and Kathryn Stroppel.

A very special thanks to David Hough for his numerous photographic contributions.